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October 21 2017

Member unclogged a toilet

October 14 2017

What everybody outside the space sees when you organize an event.

October 13 2017

A pull request for code which notifies IRC about the status of the microwave.


October 12 2017

When somebody is about to drill into the wall without checking if they are about to hit electrical stuff

October 11 2017

City inspector

October 10 2017

A member when you try to assign them responsibilities.


October 09 2017

When a member’s “secret”/obvious bad behavior has become un-ignorable.

October 08 2017

Somebody announces an elaborate terrible new project you know they’ll never follow through on.

October 07 2017

When you do get your taxes in on time (hint hint).

October 06 2017

Strangers at 3AM be like

October 05 2017

Newly elected board member explains plans for the space

October 04 2017

The move is finally over!

October 03 2017


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October 02 2017

When a member runs into their own mess and realizes they are the one who made the mess

October 01 2017

In the end, how we all wound up here.

September 30 2017

When some recruiter jerk comes to scavenger hunt for diversity hires.

September 29 2017

(Real life side note the American nonprofit tax extension deadline is coming up really soon)


September 28 2017

New member when random people walk in and want to know how the space works.

September 27 2017

Every fundraiser ever.

September 26 2017

When you see another space has opened in town

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