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August 13 2017

Members when they know you’re having a board meeting

August 12 2017

Somebody lost the 1/4 inch drill bit.

August 11 2017

My projects

August 10 2017

Everybody else’s projects

August 09 2017

“I’m looking for some really important mail. Really important. Did it arrive yet?”

August 08 2017

Safety class is over now


August 07 2017

Member learning to cook in the kitchen.

August 06 2017

The new tool works!

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August 05 2017

Watching other burners pack for Burning Man.

August 04 2017

There are zero dishes in the sink


August 03 2017

The feds are here about our Tor exit node

August 02 2017

Somebody cooked to feed everybody and cleaned nothing

August 01 2017

Somebody cooked for everybody?

July 31 2017

The ISP sends another DMCA notice.

July 30 2017

Finding the person abusing the bandwidth

July 29 2017

The new kid met their cofounder at a hackathon

July 28 2017

When you can’t get time on the new tool

July 27 2017

You said that expensive new tool broke in less than a week?

July 26 2017

Looking inside the rarely-used coffee maker

July 25 2017

Getting the blow by blow on drama you’re somehow expected to fix

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