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January 30 2018

Swinging Couch at LVL1


For your sketchy couch contest I present LVL1’s swinging couch, as seen on our Flickr feed.  It is quite popular, actually.

January 29 2018

We want to see your space’s sketchiest couch! Apparently, at Hackspace Siegen they have a tie.

January 28 2018

Lifespan of a keg at an open event


January 27 2018

When the new guy wants help with the 3D printers

January 26 2018

Running a party


January 25 2018

When an angry possum gets in the space and drunk members begin devising elaborate plans to capture it.


January 24 2018

Watching somebody else handle the angry rando in the space.


January 23 2018

When you notice somebody’s bad fire safety decision is beginning to emit smoke.


January 22 2018

The next person on the laser cutter 5 minutes before your time is up.


January 21 2018

When you see somebody you never met wearing the space’s logo


January 20 2018

When somebody buys something insane in bulk for a discount, then leaves it around when they can’t successfully sell it.


January 19 2018

The door system during an important tour


January 18 2018

When somebody accidentally glued their project to the table.


January 17 2018

Board members on cleanup day


January 16 2018

When you buddy up successfully for a digikey order


January 15 2018

Homeless person in the space at 3AM


January 14 2018

Board member in danger of leaving due to burnout


January 13 2018

When a longtime member gets drunk and starts getting casually racist.


January 12 2018

That one guy fixing equipment at weird hours


January 11 2018

Word of the Day: Détente

The easing of strained relations, especially in a political situation. [With an implied readiness to run back to the brink at a moment’s notice]. [Often used to describe the Cold War].

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