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February 04 2017

How to use Febreze

February 03 2017

Find another space’s website. Realize it’s actually up to date with interesting new projects.

February 02 2017

Occasional member drops by with a donation that fills up a working space without warning.

February 01 2017

Banned member doesn’t understand that ban means ban

January 31 2017

When you successfully brewed beer in the climate controlled server shed.

January 30 2017

Another excellent PR encounter with the city.


January 29 2017

The city likes the guest’s project so much that they bring more people to see.


January 28 2017

The city arrives, and a new guest is happily working on their project.


January 27 2017

Quick, you! The city is coming, do you have something you can show them?


January 26 2017

No seriously, we are not going to make a good impression on the city if this place looks empty.


January 25 2017

Ok. The city will be here any minute. Figure out something to show them.


January 24 2017

Stop, it! The city is coming. Be part of the good impression or be someplace else.


January 23 2017

No seriously, the city is coming!  We can’t get sucked into the drama.


January 22 2017

No, the city is coming! This is not the time for drama.


January 21 2017

Nothing was planned, the city is coming, and we‘re doing it live.


January 20 2017

What the committee intended for the city’s visit.


January 19 2017

That guy who insists on using the machine shop wrecked

January 16 2017

When you realize you can just bring Martinelli's and the non-drinkers will adore you

January 15 2017

Trying to guess the name the delivery is under

January 14 2017

There's free food in the classroom.

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