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November 18 2017

Realizing your hackerspace friends have warped your mind

November 17 2017

Finding out you have to move the space again


November 16 2017

Trying to talk about your social life without having to explain what a hackerspace is.

November 15 2017

Pre-holiday space-cest breakups have everybody else like

November 05 2017

Why we don’t have a chemistry lab anymore

November 04 2017

Local high school takes a tour

November 03 2017

That one guy when you’re trying to design infrastructure

November 02 2017

Trying to be a good director by responding on the mailing lists

November 01 2017

Running a Hackerspace

October 31 2017

That one guy at any cryptocurrency news

October 30 2017

2 hours after the security meetup

October 29 2017

When a member tries to slide a double entente past an external authority figure

October 28 2017

“We should throw a party to celebrate the space’s birthday”

October 27 2017

4AM, 3 hours and 2 bottles into 1 stupid grudge match


October 26 2017

You can be treasurer


October 25 2017

New guest when you try to explain the tour is over

October 21 2017

Member unclogged a toilet

October 14 2017

What everybody outside the space sees when you organize an event.

October 13 2017

A pull request for code which notifies IRC about the status of the microwave.


October 12 2017

When somebody is about to drill into the wall without checking if they are about to hit electrical stuff

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